Jinja in the 21st Century

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go Still continuing my theme of Uganda, I have an input from Kiranmasi about her recent stay in Uganda. As you all know Kiranmasi and Uncle Michael are now working in Cambodia, but the miracle of modern technology has helped me to include her letter to you in this blog. In one of my future letters I hope to tell you all about the migration of the Gujarati community to E. Africa. As always do add your inputs at the end. With this letter I am posting two more recipes; khaandvi and coriander(green) chutney. Though khaandvi can be tricky to make, attempt it a few times and it can become your signature dish like it is for me! I learnt that skill from Lalitaba and how apt that it was recently proposed as the Surajba clan signature dish!

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go Until my next letter, with all my love, hugs and kisses,

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