Teacher in Africa

My dearest Komal, Anjli and Amar,

Daddy and I thoroughly enjoy being members of the Asia Society (Switzerland) which we joined a few years ago. It is a professionally run worldwide organisation. Their programmes are based on current events and also include varied cultural elements. We have seen some fascinating dance shows, interesting art exhibitions and witnessed many lectures by distinguished individuals from all over the Asian sub-continent. A few weeks back in their endevour to portray current innovative movements in Asia, they hosted a discussion titled ‘How AI can improve Education’ It was quite an eye opener for me. Is this new mode of teaching going to be better than the old-fashioned classroom teaching that we(and even you to some extent) were brought up with? I guess only time will tell and I also hope not at the expense of the students. How times have changed! All this discussion of education reminded me of Dadaji‘s experiences as a teacher. Just to recap: Dadaji obtained his bachelor’s degree in India and then studied further to become a teacher. He managed to get employment with the British Government who were looking for teachers for schools in their colonies. Dadaji therefore journeyed to Kenya to begin his working life as a teacher. Dadaji and Ba stayed in Kenya until 1983 when they both moved to the UK, a few years after Dadaji‘s retirement. By this time all their children had flown the nest.

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