Gujarati Women

My Dearest Komal, Anjli and Amar,

મારા વ્હાલા કોમલ, અંજલી અને અમર

There has been a big gap since my last letter……. you hadn’t noticed! Aw!

All the excursions to the UK and then with Lalitaba  here with me, I just haven’t made the time to write! Ba is keeping me on my toes.

With Ba at Rupa's Wedding
With Ba at Rupa’s Wedding

We have already made good use of the lovely warm weather and made papdi(પાપડી) and vadios(વળીઓ) to keep us stocked for the next 18 months. There is already a threat of making ganthia(ગાંઠિયા), samosa pastry(સમોસાના પડ) and much more! Continue reading “Gujarati Women”

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