8 Hobbies to Uplift You

My Dearest Komal, Anjli and Amar,

Of course the hobbies that make me happy might not necessarily bring you the same joy. Read on and see how we differ. We might not have the same hobbies but I do hope you have many. Your hobbies will give you lots of joy now and come in handy later on. According to the book ‘The 100 Year Life’ by Lynda Gratton, a significant percentage of your generation will live to be 100 years old!

100 year life
100 year life

It could be that many will have lost a great percentage of their mobility and might find themselves in a home, perched in front of a telly, for a large part of the day. Though I wouldn’t want you(or myself) to be in that scenario. Please continue reading this letter to learn more about my hobbies.

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