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My dearest Komal, Anjli and Amar,

In my pursuit of getting these letters off to you, I have got into following many other very interesting bloggers. I will later send you a list of the ones that would be engaging for you.

The  website,, is my inspiration to today’s letter. If ever you are looking for an emotional pick-up, tap into this site. I end up reading numerous posts, all ‘just what I was looking for’.

There are many tips for life that we hope we have conveyed over the years. Many self-help articles suggest that the best model is oneself. We hope we set you the right examples. Many a times, I feel lazy, depressed, lethargic, vindictive, selfish and much worse, but I always think of the three of you and perk up. I think of  the example I am setting you and this naturally also lifts my spirits.

Be Smart
Be Smart

My quote above is a memory device of the advice I would like to suggest to you for a happy and emotionally balanced life:

    • B(e)….is for living a Balanced life. Keep a good work-life Balance. Being lazy is not a part of this advice! Ugh..’She is at it again’….you are all shouting.
    • S…..Try not to complicate matters, keep life Simple. Keep your goals Specific. This will help to keep things Simple.
    • M…..Embrace your Mistakes. You will learn from them.
    • A…..Be always Active and work towards Attainable goals. Setting your goals too high can result in disappointment and dejection.
  • R…..Be a Risk-taker.
Do something that scares you
Do something that scares you
    • T…..Take Tiny steps towards your goal. Do not expect to climb your mountain in one swoop! Enjoy each of those Tiny steps.
    • NOT
    • D…..Do NOT be inDecisive. InDecision is energy wasting and time consuming. So set yourself time goals too.
  • U…..Do NOT Underestimate the power of positivity. Develop your own positivity and surround yourself with positive friends.
Positive Friends
Positive Friends
    • M…..Try NOT to be Materialistic. Don’t get excited about those expensive items that the manufacturers throw at you. Fill your life’s backpack with spiritual thoughts, charitable actions, helpful deeds, and compassionate feelings.
  • B…..Do NOT be BusyBe productive. Give up being a perfectionist. It will keep you Busy and not necessarily productive.

Hope that keeps your brain churning until my next letter, when I will continue with my Uganda stories.

Continuing with my food inputs, this time I have added the recipe for Bhaaji (spinach) which you all love. Again an easy recipe and one that you can make at the end of a busy work-day. I have also included ideas for all the variations possible. To be able to enjoy your cooking experience please also look up the ‘Know your Spices’ page this week. You will find it under the Gujarati Kitchen.

With all my love, hugs and kisses,

Vishfully yours


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  1. Dearest Ma,

    Thanks for yet another lovely letter. You know what my stock answer is…of course I do all these things! But it’s always good to have a reminder. A question on goals… How big is too big? As an actor I ask myself sometimes if I’ve set the bar too high. I will only know the answer to this at the end of my life… Or perhaps if I ever decide to move away from it. Anyway, musings for another day. Thanks for the lovely letter, love you lots and lots Ma! ❤️❤️❤️

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