Theosophy In Today’s World.

My Dearest Komal, Anjli and Amar,

In my letter to you titled ‘Teacher in Africa‘ I left out a huge section of Daddajis write-up on his life. The part that I left out was all about his affiliation to the Theosophical Society. When I opened up the subject on Hinduism I mentioned that the movement of Theosophy had evolved using many concepts of Hinduism. With the current world-shaking news of the awful incidences in Minnesota, USA, I feel that the wisdom of the Theosophical Society is very significant at present. Perhaps there would be fewer horrifying heartaches if more people adapted the words of the Society. I will let Daddaji’s own words convey the ethos of this forward thinking movement. The excerpt that follows was written by Daddaji in the mid 90’s for the Eldoret Reunion that took place in Leicester, U.K.

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